• Image of Pop & Peel: Temporary Base Coat
  • Image of Pop & Peel: Temporary Base Coat

Pop & Peel is the best thing for polish peelers and chunky glitter lovers!

Pop & Peel temporary peel-off base coat makes removing chunky glitter polishes or pesky flakies a breeze. Your manicure will be beautiful for a day or two, then the polish will begin to separate from your nail. That's your cue to briefly soak your nails in hot water and peel away!

Pop & Peel temporary base coat is not made using Elmer's glue or latex products!

**Check out our removal video HERE**

To use:
1. Apply Pop & Peel to clean nails
2. Wait 5 minutes, then apply nail polish as desired
3. Apply top coat (we use Elemental Ward quick-dry top coat and we suggest wrapping your nail tips.
4. Let your manicure dry and enjoy it while you can!

To remove:
1. Soak nail in 115°f water (or as hot as you can comfortably stand) for up to 30 seconds. If your water is too cold, it may not peel cleanly without damaging the nail.
2. Peel off from nail base using an orange wood nail stick. For best results, peel under water

To make your manicure last longer:
* Avoid having your hands in hot water for more than brief hand washing, including showers
* Wrap your nail tips

To make your manicure last shorter:
* Apply cuticle oil or balm an hour before painting your nails and rub thoroughly into nail and skin
* After 2 hours, wash your hands using hot water, wash dishes, or take a hot shower

Photo by @nailmedaily on Instagram. Check out Pop Peel's review by The Lazy Laquerista.

Note: this product is a blue color, as seen in the photo; the color may lighten or disappear due to exposure to sunlight/UV or high heat, so store it somewhere safe! If your Pop & Peel loses its coloration it is still safe to use. Please contact us with any concerns.