Lucky 13 is the sparkly love child of 3 nerds (and a couple pets). Here's a little bit more about us!

Anya AKA Kyoti: Owner & Alchemist

Founder and primary creative mind. Anya is often found hunched over her desk in the lab, covered in glitter, while watching TV and movies.

Erin: Order Processing & Promo Artist

If your order was neatly packed and found its way to you safely, it's due to Erin's packing skills! If it wasn't packed neatly, it must have been the Gnomes again. Erin is also the talent behind the majority of our promotional and marketing materials.

Mishka: Creative collaboration

Sagan: Supervisor

Sagan is often found snoozing on the job, but Lucky 13 just wouldn't be the same without him!

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Please note that we are not affiliate with or endorsed by any brands, TV shows, movies, or other media. We're simply superfans who love wearing things with nerdy names and themes!